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on the Scottish Riviera £5

How to enter the competition. UK   (Click here for International entries)


1)Make a payment or buy a product which offers free entries.

2)Fill in the entry form.




1) Just want to buy one ticket and make a payment. Click here for payment. Click here after for entry form.  (Eventbrite fee £1)


2) If you want to buy more than one ticket  - We offer 1 free ticket for every £6 (includes £1 fee to Bandcamp) spent on the song. This allows you to pay by credit card. You can pay as much as you want for the song with this method. Click Here for payment. Click Here here after for entry form. New song coming soon.


3) You can also buy the book Deadlanders on Amazon, but make sure you hang on to it as you will need it if you win!

Click here for Amazon (UK) Click here after for entry form. International click here.

New book coming soon.


4) Buy  tickets on Eventbrite. They charge a fee. Click here for Payment. Click Here after for entry form.


5) Direct bank transfer online or by mobile. The best method, no fees, no third parties. Click Here for Payment. Click Here after for entry form.  NO FEES.


6) Entry by Cheque. Please send you answer to the question, your telephone number and email plus name and address. Details here.



If we have  a special mini extra competition running, you may be asked a second question to create awareness for the charities and good causes we are supporting. Fill in the form which goes with that promotion - you will find them on this page, next to their special promotions. The main entry form with one question is a button a the top of the page on the right.

All the entries to mini competitions go on to the main competition, so you effectively have two chances to win something.


Mini Competitions   - Now Closed.


Yulin Bonus Competition - Win 4x your amount of entries, whatever that is. If there is more than 1 correct entry form, they will be entered into a draw. You need to answer two questions. Closing date is 13th January.

Which town was voted happiest in Scotland in 2017?

A) Dumfries b)Inverness c) Dublin

What type of meat is eaten at the Yulin (AKA Lychee) Festival?

a) Dog b) Sparrow c)Elephant

Answer : Dog


Rainbow Children's Trust - Spend £25 and you can win £100 . If more than one correct form - they will go into a draw.

Now closed. Winner to be announced on Monday 15th January 2018.

Which town was voted happiest in Scotland in 2017?

Which mountain, in Africa, would you have to climb to help Rainbow Children's Trust?

a) Kilimanjaro b)Ben Nevis c) Everest. ANSWER: KILIMANJARO

See the blog on Monday for how the competition went, how many entries and how much we were able to pass over to Rainbow Children's Charity. Winner announced Monday and will receive £100 or 40 entries into the competition.


Orchardton Castle Weekend was won by Carla Zazulak who is currently in New Zealand and chose 70 free entries instead of the main prize or the cash alternative.



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Podcasting starts soon!

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