Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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About HF

About Happy Families


Enjoying a sledge ride at Milton Keynes Snozone. A great place to go for parties, sledging, skiing, fun or serious learning.


About Happy Families

Happy Families is updated weekly and is listed on Cision's 10 best UK magazines.

It has run as a non-profit magazine for over 10 years online and in print previously.

All our writers are professional journalists and most are members of the Chartered Institute of Journalism.

Our Face page is now available though we prefer to run our main editorial on our magazine site.

Our new TV/Mobile site will launch later in the year.

Everything promoted on Happy Families is unpaid for. We only promote companies/products/travel which are of a high standard.

You can contact us on 0845 1306249 or 0207 193 2154 if editorial is unavailable, leave a message and we will call you back. Urgent calls may be directed to 07825 767670

There are no pop ups adverts or intrusive code on this site. If you are seeing any, then your browser has been infected with a virus which puts ads wherever you go.

You may have to remove your browser and reinstall to get rid of it. Firefox seems particularly at risk from it.


We do promote companies we like and have dealt with regularly.

We are currently non-profit making but are now looking at change the way the site is run with the launch of the new broadcast magazines.


Companies we recommend - Summer 2014

Vodafone and Orange, though all mobile phones companies suffer from too many customers and too little customer service. Vodafone is not good at dealing with complaints. They sometimes offer refunds on their errors but so far we are still waiting. So no longer recommending Vodafone.

We are currently looking at other mobile companies. We are not keen on 3, they are very difficult to deal with and from emails from our viewers, they appear to be one of the worse.

We like Skype - free to use, you dont have to use the camera. Make calls as usual. No need for a landline if you have a good internet connection. Skype can also be used on your phone without any mobile subscription. You could have a pay as you go and do everything over Skype.

Skype have call anywhere in the world plans that are very cheap.

Banks -  Lloyds has been our favourite for a few years now. Co-Op are trying to get better and have a good customer service.

Barclays are one of the worse banks. Their customer service is not good. They are also not good with the way they handle mortgages, we suggest using a broker to get the best deal.

Cineworld movie pass. aprox £16 per month. If you use the cinema more than twice a month, this is worth having. Cineworld themselves, not so good. Their screenings for their Unlimited customers are often screened only a couple of days before the general release.

Orange Wednesdays, a free trip to the cinema for two people.

If you wish to get involved with Happy Families -  Do send us an email or call us.

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