Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Windows 8 Nokia 1020

July 2014

There are now many Apps for the windows phone and more appearing everyday. Although the android is still ahead on the amount available, the windows phone does have the advantage of integrating with your PC very easily.

The Explorer browser has plenty of options with it, but if you choose, you can still download a different one. Maxthon works very well on windows mobiles.

Call clarity is something that should not be over-looked and having had numerous phones, this is certainly the best and most reliable to date.

The Lumia 930 is now out, we will bring you reasons to change to it, or not in the next week.


March 2014.

The Windows 8 Nokia 1020 is a spectacular camera and a fantastic windows phone.

With its special child locks, it is completely family friendly.er a few months of using this phone, I absolutely love it.

However, how does it work as an actual phone - we already established that it is a fantastic camera with some nifty extras available but what about clear lines and ease of use.

So far, it has never let me down. The line is clear whether calling out or taking a call. Dialing is bright and clear to see. Contacts can be transferred over just by touching the phones together.

We are still looking at battery life. If you use it for Netflix alot or extensively as a camera, you may need to get the mobile power cover. We will be looking at this later. The camera does use a lot of the battery up but the good news is that it powers up again very quickly.

Microsoft are now on firm ground. Windows 8 is a good system, once you know how to make it work for you and install the latest update.


Family Thorpe Park and Thorpe Shark Hotel


Thorpe Park has always been a great theme park for teens and young adults, its latest attraction Angry Birds Land, heralds the way for Thorpe Park to stake it's claim on the family market.  It now provides  more activities and adventures for younger visitors.

At the launch Angry Birds Land, we started with a trip to the Angry Birds 4D Experience. Sitting in the darkened cinema with our 3D glasses on in very large comfortable chairs,  we waited eagerly for the action to start.

We were literally catapulted into the action, as suddenly the chairs tipped back and forward again. Blasts of air and water (much to the delight of our four year old) hit you in the face ,bubbles, flashing lights, leg ticklers (we won't spoil what they represented) and smoke blasts put you in the heart of the action.  You feel part of the Angry Birds team as they try and rescue their precious eggs from the dastardly King Pig.

The new land also featured the much loved Angry Birds characters coming home to roost on Detonator: Bombs Away – the Resort’s 100ft 50mph rapid drop tower ride  Choose to be a  ‘Red Bird’ or a ‘Bad Piggies’  and go bump to bump on a brand new King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems.A great chance for family members to spend some quality time together we teamed up and battled it out. There are seven giant size Angry Bird sculptors around which make for great photo opportunities.


With the addition of themed retail stores and catering outlets there are plenty of places to go if it is a wet day - after all his is Britain

The new attractions are great fun for younger family members making Thorpe Park a  family destination.  Currently, we would recommend that there is plenty for children aged 4 - 5 upwards.


You can now also stay at Thorpe Park at the Thorpe Shark.

This is not your usual hotel and is a unique experience not to be missed. We are already planning to go back there. It may not sound like a luxury stay, being in a container but certainly the room's facilities were.

From the outside, it looked very square and not very interesting but once inside, you are whisked inside your imagination. You could be on a submarine, though truth to tell, you have far more room here than you would in submarine.

You could also be adventuring in space driving your own private space-craft. With it's high tech feel inside and coloured mood lighting, we spent the whole evening on a mission into space. Stopping only to play the Angry Birds App on the television.


Surprisingly, you have plenty of room in the bathroom with a fantastic rain shower to enjoy.


The staff were very helpful and accommodating, breakfast is over at the dome. (You are already inside the park)

I think the age appeal on this is unlimited. Whether a couple fo teens staying over using teh WiFi, TV films and such or a family of 4 relaxing after a hard days play -  The rooms are surprisingly attractive and the beds comfortable.


With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and live events to enjoy, THORPE PARK Resort is the ‘must do’ destination for thrill and chill seeking families and friends – located just 10 miles from Greater London.  NEW for 2014, fans can experience ANGRY BIRDS Land and 4D experience before settling down for a night in the Resort’s uniquely themed accommodation, THORPE SHARK Hotel, situated in the heart of the action.  Brave iconic rides such as the UK’s first winged rollercoaster THE SWARM, SAW – The Ride, the world’s first horror movie themed rollercoaster, STEALTH, one of Europe’s fastest and tallest roller coasters and COLOSSUS, the world’s first ten inversion rollercoaster, as well as attractions such as RUSH, the world’s largest Speed Swing.  Younger theme park fans can grab their adrenaline apprenticeship as they ride on junior coasters X and The Flying Fish, before enjoying rides like the gravity defying ZODIAC and magic carpet ride QUANTUM.  There are also FIVE water rides to excite the whole family, including the ultimate super-soaker TIDAL WAVE, STORM SURGE and LOGGER’S LEAP.

Visit Site.


Designed for Young Builders

LEGO® Launches Brand New Property, LEGO Juniors, An Easy Start with the LEGO Brick

LEGO® is delighted to announce the launch of LEGO® Juniors, its brand new property designed to bridge the gap between DUPLO® and LEGO.

Tailor-made for young builders between the ages of four and seven years, LEGO Juniors provides the perfect introduction to the world of LEGO building.
The simple to build models use the LEGO System bricks alongside larger elements and numbered pre-packed bags containing bricks for the various model parts so your child can keep track of and find bricks when building but can also create stages of play – for example, let your child build one bag before lunch and one after. The easy to follow, colourful instructions will not only help children build the different model elements, they also provide inspiration for play scenarios that you can develop together.

The 13 play sets draw on everyday scenes, with models including diggers, police stations and a pony farm as well as imaginary ones, such as superheroes and princesses.
With LEGO Juniors, younger children will discover how easy it is to build alone (without the help of mum and dad) with LEGO bricks, and in the process you will teach them succeeding is fun, spurring them on to build their self-confidence and helping them to feel independent.

Several of the sets can be rebuilt in to a variety of models whilst some come in an iconic and sturdy LEGO brick shaped box that’s perfect for storage or travel.

Police – The Big Escape £24.99 - Capture the crook and put him back behind bars! There’s been a breakout down at the town prison. One of the crooks has been able to escape and now he’s on the run! Give chase with the motorbike and police car then return him to the police station and back behind bars where he belongs! Set includes a police dog with bone, walkie talkie, pair of handcuffs and a police station featuring an opening jail door, raising barrier, ramp, surveillance camera, telephone and ladder.
Pony Farm £24.99 – Jump in the saddle and prepare to leap the colorful jumps at the Pony Farm. Groom the horse to keep it looking sleek and beautiful, then rebuild the set into a cozy cottage with garden and fireplace or a picnic scene with bench, table and tree. Accessories include a saddle and bridle as well as tasty carrots for the horse.

The Princess Play Castle £14.99 - Enter a world of magical, storybook fun! Brush the beautiful cat at the grooming station, walk across the drawbridge to the fairytale castle and play on the slide with the princess. Featuring everything a little princess needs little girls can use the supplied instructions to rebuild the set into a play garden with a slide and seesaw or a royal bedchamber.
Race Car Rally £24.99 - Take your place on the grid for the most exciting race of the year! Build the red and blue cars and the chicanes, get the finishing stand ready, put the start/finish line together, then get ready to speed to victory and lift the trophy! Rebuild the set into an orange tow truck or a
super-fast black racing car with finish line. Accessories include four oil drums, two cones, a finishing flag, wrench and a megaphone.
Heroes and Villians
Batman™ Defend the Batcave £29.99 - To the Batcave, Robin! The Joker is using his crazy catapult to smash the Batcave! Help the heroic crime fighters as they race to the scene in the Batmobile and lock him up in the prison cell. Set features the Batcave, The Joker’s catapult and the Batmobile complete with flames.
Spiderman™: Spider-Car Pursuit £11.99 - The Spider-Car is all that stands between Spider-Man™ and his arch-nemesis, Venom™, who wants to destroy the city! Build the car complete with chunky tires and flames for some fast-paced fun and capture Venom™ in the spider web whilst avoiding his black whips!

Grab Your Hard Hat
Juniors Construction £14.99 – Head over to the construction site and get building. Use the crane and wrecking ball to knock down the wall, load the bricks into the construction truck with the wheelbarrow and drive them away. Then use the scaffolding to rebuild the wall.
Digger £9.99- When the water pipe bursts, it’s a job for the Digger and its busy driver! Use the bucket to dig down and the crane to lower the pipe into position. Packed with cool details like water pipes, valve, moving bucket and crane, shovel and of course the digger and its driver.

For further information please visit www.lego.com/en-gb/juniors

Having tried two sets of Lego Junior with my 5 year old, I can heartily recommend it. He almost completely made the car and I enjoyed doing to. Once we had constructed our Spiderman vehicle and Venom. We played with them and if they broke, it only took a couple of seconds to put them back together.

We have been asking Lego for products that cater for this age range and now we have them.

Can't wait to look at more.

Childhood toys make dream jobs - Lego Competition

Do you remember what career you dreamt of as a child? What triggered that ambition and made you want that job? Well, with 82% of people not actually in their dream job, there are endless questions as to why these big dreams remain figments of our imagination.

New research carried out by Lego has revealed that toys can influence a person’s dream job. With 58% of construction workers and 45% of architects and engineers having played with building and construction toys when they were children, toys are believed to stimulate our interests in a particular career.

As the toy industry has continued to evolve, 54% of people believe they would have chosen another career path if given the toys that the current generation of children have. However, according to almost a third of people, their main influence for their dream career was someone they looked up to or aspired to be whilst over a quarter say their parents/family were their biggest influence.   With this in mind childhood favourite Lego has launched a young explorer Arctic range full of exciting arctic equipment helping children survive an icy adventure.

'To win a Base Camp set from the new LEGO CITY Arctic range, simply answer the following question.

What kind of toys did 45% of architects say they played with as a child?

a)      Building and construction
b)     Cars
c)      Dolls

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Closes 31st July 2014

Helping to save your children’s smiles

Devoted father of two, Ian Aguado-Bush, with the help of childhood friend David Foreman, also a father of two, has published two child-engaging booklets to help keep children's teeth clean and offer a few tips on how to reduce sugar intake.

Ian’s interest in children’s dental education began when his young son told him what he had learned in his oral health lesson at school – the content of which, Ian discovered, had nothing to do with human oral health!

The best help does not always come from the usual institutions and parents are, of course, ideally placed to meet their children’s needs in these situations, whether we’re talking about crossing the road safely, learning to play a musical instrument or, indeed, keeping teeth clean.

Ian and David's publications encourage children's compliance and build on their understanding, which are key to success. In fact, now that Ian’s son and daughter understand the importance of brushing their teeth, he no longer has to nag them every day about doing it!

Ian’s commitment to his own children’s well-being translated into the creation of these booklets, which have been bought by dental practices and schools around the world, the fruition of which will be the improvement of children’s oral health globally.

For further information, please visit www.littlelearnerspublishing.co.uk.

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