Friday, April 18, 2014
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Uncle Sam's American Circus

Thrills and laughs are on the menu as the big top hits your town this summer Uncle Sam's American Circus has no animals acts and concentrates on providing entertainment using human skill and bravery. The 30 performers from all over the world include clowns, acrobats, Zulu warriors and Shoalin monks, death-defying motorcyclists and trapeze artist.
The heated big top with its sawdust floor and small of candy floss can seat several hundred people. Transport enthusiasts can see what is reported to be the largest fleet of classical American trucks outside the USA.

The show lasts just under two hours including a 20 minute interval which gives you plenty of time to get the kids to the loo or buy souvenirs and snacks.  For children and adults fed a non stop diet of film special effects, it is a chance to see real people close up  performing spectacular stunts. These include Miss Rosie, who performs on a solo trapeze 40ft above the ring and the Thunderball motorbike riders who speed around inside a giant globe at 60mph. During their performance our son's jaw literally dropped.

Our top tip  - get ring side seats as you are only a few feet from the action, even if that means you become part of the action during the clown show, get out there and enjoy yourself.

The Ibis Brighton

Stay in Brighton with pets!

Travelling to Brighton?

There are many good hotels to stay in there. Particularly the Ibis, especially if you want to be by the station. All the rooms have showers and best of all, the most comfortable beds in the world. These have been designed by the hotel chain and are absolutely faultless.

The hotel is very modern in design and caters for children as well as pets so the dog and cat can stay to at only £5 per pet per stay.

The room has plenty of family rooms and caters well for children.

Breakfast is normally not included, check when booking. If you do have the breakfast there is a large choice of buffet items and hot breakfast. Scrambled eggs are part of the buffet. Fresh juices are included and there is ample to eat. Some hotels do offer extras at the table, a choice of how the eggs are cooked or special dishes, but the Ibis has gone with keeping things simple and quick.


Windows 8 Nokia 1020 - Updated March 2014


AftThe Windows 8 Nokia 1020 is a spectacular camera and a fantastic windows phone.

With its special child locks, it is completely family a few months of using this phone, I absolutely love it.

However, how does it work as an actual phone - we already established that it is a fantastic camera with some nifty extras available but what about clear lines and ease of use.

So far, it has never let me down. The line is clear whether calling out or taking a call. Dialing is bright and clear to see. Contacts can be transferred over just by touching the phones together.

We are still looking at battery life. If you use it for Netflix alot or extensively as a camera, you may need to get the mobile power cover. We will be looking at this later. The camera does use a lot of the battery up but the good news is that it powers up again very quickly.

Microsoft are now on firm ground. Windows 8 is a good system, once you know how to make it work for you and install the latest update.


Win the junior version of best-selling LOGO game

LOGO What Am I? (rrp £24.99) is a fantastic multi-activity  picture board game, which is heaps of fun for everyone!  This junior version of the hugely popular LOGO game combines the famous ‘big brands’ picture cards - with all-new and exciting challenges.Players are asked to ‘guess’, ‘draw’ or ‘describe it’, and there are hundreds of cards featuring well-known brands– from the Ipod and Crocs to Heinz Baked Beans and Kellogg’s Coco Pops.

For the Draw It! section, you draw the item on your card, while the other players guess what you are drawing.  For Describe It!, the timer gives you sixty seconds to describe three products or brands which your opponents have to identify. And for Guess It!, your opponents have to guess the picture or logo you have on your card – but in answer to their questions, the only answers you can give are “Yes, No or Maybe”.

This brilliantly conceived multi-activity ‘big brands’ game for children provides heaps of fun for the whole family, while honing those
crucial communication skills.

LOGO What Am I? is all about fun, fun, fun!  The first children’s title within the uber-popular Number One Best Selling LOGO series of picture board games, it combines the highly entertaining branded picture cards of the original LOGO game (rrp £32.99, age 12+) with new and exciting family-friendly challenges.  What makes it different fromLOGO itself is that now there are three activities built into the game… the participants get to use theirguessing, drawing and describing skills in a fast and furious race to the finish!

Intrigued?  You will be...


This great-value, high quality game comes complete with a colourful playing board and playing pieces, 60-second timer and hundreds of question cards featuring really well known companies and brands.  So stand by for riotous rounds of frantic drawing, describing and guessing, where everyone has a really good chance of being a winner! Game play is simple.  Each card has three different categories – Draw It, Describe It and Guess It - and the activity to be carried out relates to the icon upon which the player’s piece is resting.

Draw It!

The ‘Draw It’ rounds give the player two options – for example, Hunter Wellington Boots and iPod, or Raleigh Bicycle and Hot Chocolate.  The player sketches away at their chosen subject within the 60-second timer limit. Sometimes only a few strokes will do (a quick triangle may be quite enough to depict a Toblerone, for instance).  Everyone can pitch in and call out as many guesses as they like, and whoever gets it right jointly wins the round, alongside the sketching player.  Both of them then roll the dice individually, and move their piece forward. If no one guesses correctly, play simply passes on to the next player.

Describe It!

In this round, echoing Drumond Park’s highly popular Articulate! and Articulate for Kids games, the cardholder has 60 seconds to describe the three products or brands shown on the card.  These are all everyday items like a Baby’s Bottle, Sausages, a Comb, an Apple, Gloves, Coconut, Saucepan, Carrot, Watch and Fish Tank or ‘of the moment’ products or brandssuch as Coca Cola, Speedos, Ugg Boots, Twitter, Uncle Ben’s Rice, Smarties, Sky TV, Specsavers and Starbucks. The players must avoid saying which letter their word begins with, or any part of it – and they mustn’t give any rhyming clues, or perform or gesticulate while doing their describing.

Guess It!

The ‘Guess It’ side of the card shows a picture of a well-known product or brand, and you keep it hidden from the other players, who have sixty seconds to identify it by asking questions.  Examples range from Crocs, Anchor Butter, Waffle and Maltesers to Volkswagen and The Battersea Dogs & Cats Home!  Again, players can make as many guesses as they like, and the card also includes a ‘Hint’ option which can be used to help the younger players. As previously, a correct guess means a joint winner with the cardholder, and both roll the dice and move their pieces on accordingly.

A race to the finish!The first player to throw the dice to move them onto or past the LOGO What Am I? centre zone wins the game - jointly with the player who guessed with them correctly on that turn. 

Multi-generational fun…

For children on their own the hugely entertaining LOGO What Am I?draws together many crucial aspects of communication and gamesmanship.  It is also perfect for the youngsters to play with their parents and older siblings or at multi-generational gatherings.  Absolutely everyone will be able to relate to the famous name products and brands - and join in the fun.

For 2 or more players. Ages 8+

For stockists and to play games online visit

COMPETITION: We have 6 games to be won, courtesy of Drumond Park. To enter This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it which of 3 responses can you give in the guess it section. Comp closes 6th April 2014

Drumond Park is the UK’s leading independent games company. Its Adult, Family and Children’s board games, Kids’ action games and magic sets are widely available from many department stores, most major toy shop chains and independents, plus the leading grocery chains and catalogue and online traders.


Doctor Who Adventures magazine is giving fans the chance to win their own Dalek worth over £3,000!

Doctor Who Adventures magazine, the biggest-selling UK pre-teen title for young boys and girls who love Doctor Who, is running a unique competition for readers to win their very own life-size Dalek to keep in their home or school.

To enter, readers must collect three tokens. The first can be cut out of the current issue, issue 336, on sale now until 14 January 2014. Token three is in the next magazine, issue 337 on sale on 15 January 2014 until 28 January 2013 and token three will be in issue 338, on sale on 29 January until 11 February 2014.

According to Doctor Who Adventures magazine Editor, Moray Laing: “Giving away one of the Doctor's greatest enemies has got to be THE ultimate competition and I'm thrilled that Doctor Who Adventures magazine has got one to give away. We've been assured that the Dalek won't exterminate the winner or the winner's friends or family... So rest assured it's completely safe to enter.”

Issue 336, on sale now until 14 January 2014, is a bumper issue of Doctor Who Adventures, priced at £3.99*

*Full terms and conditions of the competition can be found in the magazine.

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